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Field Attacks

Press the attack button while on the field to perform a field attack. You can use this to hit enemies and break certain objects.

If your field attack hits an enemy from behind, it will stun them briefly and give you an advantage at the start of battle.

Assault Attacks

An upgraded version of a normal field attack.

Hitting an enemy with an Assault Attack—even from the front—will immediately start a battle and give you a significant advantage.

※In order to perform Assault Attacks, you must accumulate enough AP (Assault Points). You gain these either by waiting for the gauge to charge up over time or by breaking destroyable objects on the field.

Destroyable Objects

On your travels, you'll come across certain objects you can destroy with a field attack.

Destroying these objects may give you AP, restore your party's CP, or grant you items.


Sometimes, walls or pillars may block your path, but you can clear the way with a character who has an especially heavy field attack, such as Millium or Altina.

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