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Cedric Reise Arnor
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Cedric Reise Arnor

The younger son of the emperor of Erebonia and legitimate heir to the throne.

He had a kind, pure, and slightly introverted personality and looked up to his brother, Olivert. Together with his twin sister, Alfin, the three made for a loving set of siblings.

During the civil war, he was kidnapped and used by Duke Cayenne to awaken the Vermillion Apocalypse sealed beneath the Imperial castle. However, thanks to Class VII's help, he was freed from its clutches.

In severe shock as a result of this experience, his body and mind were slow to recover. In fact, his health was so poor that he was unable to enroll at Thors Military Academy and was forced to wait another year.

However, after that year of waiting, he appears at Thors' main campus stronger and more confident than ever, as though he had become a completely different person.