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Tio Plato
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Tio Plato

The young Chief of Research at the Epstein Foundation's Crossbell branch. She's developing something called the Aeon system, which can sync people's minds with machines to allow for much faster information processing.

Due to special circumstances, she's been working with the Epstein Foundation since she was a child, but at the age of 14, she was sent to Crossbell to help develop the orbal network.

While in Crossbell, she tested prototypes of the orbal staff and the Aeon system while helping Randolph and her other friends in the SSS solve cases.

After Crossbell was annexed by Erebonia, she was called back to the Epstein Foundation's headquarters in Leman, but decided to return to Crossbell to help her friends.

Though she's under constant surveillance by the empire's Intelligence Division, she continues her research projects while secretly aiding the resistance.