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Break SystemInflict Break on your foes and pile on the damage!

Break Gauge

In Trails of Cold Steel III, an additional bar has been added to enemies' display in battle.

※The yellow gauge shows the enemy's HP, and the blue gauge underneath is the Break Gauge.

Reducing this gauge to 0 puts an enemy in the Break state, giving you a number of bonuses.

[Break Effects]

  • The enemy takes more damage
  • The enemy immediately drops its items
  • The enemy loses all status buffs
  • All of your attacks will Unbalance the enemy

Breaking Enemies Quickly

Although an enemy's Break Gauge will go down as you deal damage to them, it will be reduced much more quickly if you use Crafts with a high Break rating or Arts that hit the target's elemental weakness.

There are some enemies that have a Break Gauge that is much higher than their HP. If you only use regular attacks, you'll deplete their HP before you can Break them. However, if your goal is getting them to drop their items, choose your actions carefully, and you might be able to reduce their Break Gauge in time.



Some enemies, such as especially powerful monsters and even certain human foes, can enter an Enhanced state in battle.

All attacks from Enhanced enemies will be criticals, they will take less damage, and—just like the playable characters—they can ignore the turn order and suddenly launch powerful attacks known as S-Breaks.

Dealing with Enhanced Enemies

Though Enhanced enemies are very dangerous, they can be stopped by inflicting them with Break.

Enhanced enemies will take additional damage to their Break Gauge, so switch up your attacks to those with high Break ratings and turn the tables on your foes.

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