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The DerfflingerThe branch campus' very own armored transport!

The Derfflinger is the branch campus' personal armored train, used to ferry them to each of their field exercise locations.

Once they arrive at their destination, the students and faculty set up camp around the train. This camp serves as their base of operations in the region as the students embark on their various missions.

Every Facility in One Spot

The members of Class IX: Military Finance will be there to support you at camp.

Together, they'll set up shops you can use to buy anything you need. From weapons and armor, to items and supplies, even battle orbment maintenance, you can find anything you need at camp.

Enemies Lurk Nearby

While on their field exercises, the branch campus students may come up against sinister organizations such as Ouroboros and jaeger corps. Even the camp itself may not be safe...

Special Events En-route

While traveling aboard the Derfflinger, you may run into students from the other classes going about their business.

Within the train cars, you can see them sharing meals or relaxing in the lounge. You can talk with them here and get to know them better, see some interesting exchanges, or even learn valuable information for your upcoming field exercises.

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