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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II
Prologue - The Depths of Despair | Heimdallr, the capital of Erebonia. Chancellor Osborne’s speech was silenced by the sound of a single gunshot ringing through the city. The man who pulled the trigger was none other than C, the enigmatic leader of the Imperial Liberation Front. But it was on this day that his identity was finally revealed... Crow Armbrust. A friend and a member of Class VII.
With the Chancellor’s fall, the Noble Alliance rose and seized control of the city. Thus began a bitter struggle between the Noble Alliance forces and the Imperial Army. The Erebonian Civil War. Not even Thors Military Academy was safe from the fighting. Soon after taking Heimdallr, the Noble Alliance set its sights on the academy. Thanks to Crow’s help, Thors’ first line of defense was quickly subdued. Class VII rushed in to help their instructors, but even they were completely overwhelmed. Realizing they stood no chance against such an unstoppable force, they decided to put their lives on the line. All to give Rean a chance to escape. Not wanting to leave his friends behind, Rean desperately cried out for them. But Valimar continued to fly him farther away. Before long, his exhaustion and wounds overtook him. He slipped into unconsciousness.
How much time had gone by since that fateful day? Upon coming to, Rean was instantly wracked with frustration and self-loathing. Taking a moment to survey his new surroundings, he quickly realized he was somewhere in the Eisengard Mountain Range.
He also noticed Valimar silently kneeling nearby. Celine as well. She had been there the whole time, waiting for Rean to regain consciousness. The familiar relayed the situation to a still-confused and panicking Rean. A month had passed since that fateful day he was torn from his friends. On top of that, it was now impossible to return to the place he’d last seen them.
Rean immediately began to make his way down from the mountain, spurred by his concern for their well-being. Caught between worry and frustration, he was in no mood to respond to any of Celine’s attempts to speak with him.
But their descent came to a sudden stop as they came face-to-face with a terrifying foe. A weapon not seen since the Dark Ages: a Magic Knight. Rean put up a valiant fight, yet was unable to best the colossus on his own. Showing no pity for its struggling opponent, the Magic Knight raised its blade to deliver the final blow.
But at the last moment, its mighty swing was interrupted by a powerful orbal art. The Magic Knight was thrown off balance and tumbled over the edge of the cliff, plummeting down the sheer mountain face. Rean’s savior was none other than the bracer, Toval. With him were Princess Alfin and Rean’s sister, Elise. With their appearance, the tension that had been keeping Rean going vanished, and he collapsed in exhaustion.
When his eyes opened once more, he was greeted with a familiar sight: that of his own room. He was back home in Ymir. The sights and sounds of his hometown brought back a flood of memories.
After Rean had recovered, Toval and the others filled him in on everything that had happened over the past month. It was then his hopes were confirmed. Though they had been scattered and their whereabouts unknown, his friends were still safe.
Once their discussion was over, Rean paid a visit to the local hot spring in order to collect his thoughts. Now was the time to figure out his next move. Yet, no matter how much he wracked his brain, no solutions came to him. None of this would have happened if he had been strong enough to fight off the Noble Alliance forces. Strong enough to protect his friends. As he assaulted himself with such harsh thoughts, Elise appeared and gave him some much needed encouragement. Thanks to her, he was able to remember that in making sure he got away, his friends had each placed their faith in him. As Rean thought back to each of their faces, he realized not one of them had given up. Believing in the faith his friends had given him was just the motivation Rean needed. He resolved to search the country until he had reunited with every last one of them.
However, the flames of war were upon him again before he knew it. While on an expedition outside the town, the group was paid a visit by the Witch of the Abyss, Vita Clotilde. She had appeared to give them a warning, though the sound of gunfire coming from Ymir was proof it had come too late.
Rushing back to the town, the group found it besieged by jaegers, who been hired by Duke Albarea of the Four Great Houses.
The town was in a panic. In an attempt to protect his people, Rean’s father tried to fight the jaegers, but ended up sustaining a severe wound.
Seeing this, a roar of rage and despair burst forth from Rean, echoing throughout the town. Driven by hatred, he lost himself in his power and ruthlessly dispatched the jaegers. Fortunately, Elise’s intervention and the news that Baron Schwarzer was still alive were able to bring Rean back to his senses.
There was little time for relief, however, as Vita showed herself once more. Apologizing for the incident, she made it clear to them that this was the result of Duke Albarea acting on his own. As a show of good faith, she erased the jaegers’ memories of having found the town and cast a spell that would keep it safe for a time. This strange moment of kindness caught the group off guard...
...just long enough for a girl in black riding a strange puppet to swoop down on them. Said puppet bore a striking resemblance to Millium’s Airgetlam. The girl in black moved too quickly for anyone to react... ...and before they knew it, she had seized both Elise and Alfin.
Unable to chase after them, all Rean could do was assure them that he’d come to their aid. He swore to himself he would keep this promise and reunite with his friends, no matter what. With that vow lingering on his heart, he set off into a war-torn Erebonia.
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