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Giliath Osborne
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Giliath Osborne

The head of the Imperial government, he is known across Zemuria as the Blood and Iron Chancellor.

Ever since he rose to his current position, he pushed hard to modernize the empire, build its railway network, and annex neighboring territories.

His policies as a member of the Reformist faction gained him enthusiastic support from commoners. However, those same policies put him at odds with the nobility, feeding into a schism in the empire.

During one of his speeches, he was shot through the heart in broad daylight, signaling the Noble Alliance's forces to begin their occupation of Heimdallr, and directly leading to the civil war.

However, Osborne somehow survived the incident and reappeared at the end of the civil war, using the chaos and confusion to steal Ouroboros' Phantasmal Blaze Plan for himself. It was at this point that he also revealed to a stunned Rean that he was his biological father.