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CraftsSignature moves unique to each character!

Crafts are powerful special moves that require CP (Craft Points) to be able to use. Your characters gain CP whenever they attack an enemy or are hit by an enemy's attack.

Each Craft costs a different amount of CP and their effects range from devastating attacks to unique recovery or support abilities. There are many different crafts, and no two characters have the same ones.


Rean's Craft

A skill Rean learned from his Eight Leaves One Blade training. It consists of a series of burning slashes that ends with a tornado of flame.

Cross Break

Juna's Craft

An attack where Juna charges her gunbreakers with electricity and strikes a foe with X-shaped bolts.

Tempest Edge

Kurt's Craft

A spinning slash from Kurt's twin blades that creates a gale, cutting through a group of enemies.


Altina's Craft

A special move of Altina's where she morphs her combat shell's arm into a sharp blade and strikes an enemy with a powerful downward slash.

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