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Claire Rieveldt
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Claire Rieveldt

A Major in the Railway Military Police and a member of the Ironbloods.

With a mind as powerful as a computer, she has the ability to comprehend a situation in an instant and calculate complicated trajectories on the fly. She leads a number of squads across Erebonia's railway network and her cold and calculating demeanor while on the job has earned her the title "Icy Maiden."

During the civil war, she assists in the reformation of the Imperial Army and helps Rean and the rest of Class VII when she's able.

In recognition of her well-executed counter operation to reclaim Heimdallr from the Noble Alliance, she was promoted to Major at the young age of 25 following the war. She is currently in charge of troops throughout the empire, including Crossbell.

For the branch campus' field exercises, Claire heads there personally to deliver the Derfflinger. It's there that she'll see Rean again for the first time since the Northern War.