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MinigamesFun activities to while away the hours!

Once you get your first deck, you'll be able to join in on the latest card game craze to sweep the empire—Vantage Masters!

What is Vantage Masters?

Vantage Masters is a collectible card game in which you and your opponent summon creatures and cast spells to try and defeat each others' Master cards.

Game Flow

① Select a deck to battle with.

② Decide who goes first with a coin toss, and start the battle by selecting your opening hand.

③ Spend mana to summon cards from your hand, play magic cards, or command your cards to attack your opponent.

④ The victor is the first person to reduce their opponent's Master card to 0 HP.

Card Types

Master Cards

  • The card each player selects to serve as their Master will be placed on the field at the start of a match.
  • If a player's Master reaches 0 HP, that player will lose the game.

Natial Cards

  • Creature cards you can summon to the board to attack your opponent.
  • Every Natial has one of four elements (Earth, Fire, Water, Heaven) and certain Natials have special characteristics such as the ability to attack from range or a special skill.

Magic Cards

  • Cards that provide powerful single-use effects when played.

Win Matches to Get New Cards

In the beginning, you only have a starter deck, so the types of cards you can put in your deck are limited. However, as you win against opponents, you'll acquire new cards as a reward.

Depending on the opponent, you may get a powerful new Master card or a Natial with a unique effect.

Outside of winning cards through battle, you may also buy more cards from the game store in Leeves.


What adventure would be complete without a little fishing along the way? The fishing minigame from previous installments has been completely revamped. Whether you're on the side of the highway, in a city, or in the depths of a dungeon, you can enjoy the thrill of angling anywhere you go.

Flow of the Fishing Minigame

① Press the X button at a fishing spot to cast your rod.

② Press the X button when the outer ring lines up with the needle to hook a fish.

③ Once you've successfully hooked a fish, hold the X button to reel in your catch. Be sure to watch the tension on the line, though. Too little, and the fish will escape, but too much and the line will snap.

④ When you reel the fish all the way to the left side of the distance gauge, you claim your prize! The fish you've caught is registered to your notebook and you'll get an item the fish coughs up as a bonus.

Upgrade Your Rod

Along the way, you'll find different fishing tools you can use to upgrade your rod.

You can increase the tension limit of your line, get a more easy-to-use hook, and more. Build the ultimate rod to challenge the biggest fish in the pond!

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