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Mech BattlesThe newest models of gigantic mechs take to the field!

Pilot Your Mech to Fight
Gigantic Threats

In previous games, Rean would board his Divine Knight, Valimar, to take on foes too big to be fought on foot.

Now, the students of the branch campus can join him in their own Panzer Soldat mechs, allowing for new strategies and attacks!

The students will challenge enemy mechs and even the likes of Aurelia in her golden Panzer Soldat and Rean in Valimar!

By default, all mechs have the Attack, Defend, and Craft commands available to them.


In mech battles, you're able to choose one of three sections of the enemy to target with your attacks: the head, the arms, or the body.

If you land a successful hit on an opponent's weak spot, you have a high chance of Unbalancing them. Once they're Unbalanced, you can have Valimar or the Panzer Soldats follow up with Link Attacks, just like in battles on foot.

Read Your Opponents

If you aim for a section where the enemy isn't weak, they might block or even counter your attack. Further, enemy weak spots can change depending on their stance. Adjust your attacks accordingly to keep attacking where they're most vulnerable.

Break Gauge

Just like regular battles, the enemy also has a Break Gauge in mech battles. If you inflict Break on your opponent, not only will it weaken them, but it will cause all your attacks to Unbalance them, too.

Once they're Unbalanced, it's your chance for a Link Attack!

When the prompt appears, you can trigger a Follow-Up or Finisher attack for even more damage!


You can consume CP (Craft Points) to unleash special attacks unique to mech battles.

Unlike normal attacks, you don't need to select a section of the opponent to target for Crafts. In addition to Unbalancing the enemy, Crafts can also provide any number of different effects.

Crescent Flash

Valimar's Craft

A move in which Rean has Valimar quickdraw his blade with overwhelming force to slice through surrounding enemies. It has a high chance to Unbalance foes.

Gemini Blast

Juna's Mech Craft

A move where Juna uses her gunbreakers to riddle the enemy full of holes with a relentless barrage of bullets. It deals high damage to the enemy's Break Gauge.

Rain Slash

Kurt's Mech Craft

A move where Kurt unleashes consecutive slashes that cut like driving rain. Enemies struck by it are slowed temporarily.


Decreases the damage received from oncoming attacks for one turn.

Check the Enemy's Target

In a mech battle, you can press L2 to determine which of your party the enemy is planning to attack.

Once you know who's being targeted, you can have them defend or in Valimar's case, ready his counterattack Craft, Morning Moon.

Partner System

Divine Knights and Panzer Soldats can each have one partner per operator.

When a mech's pilot has a partner, the pilot gains access to additional options: Charge, Spirit, and EX Arts.

※EX Arts can only be activated during the partner's turn.

EX Arts

Like normal Arts, EX Arts consume EP to damage enemies or provide benefits to your mechs. However, EX Arts are especially powerful, and many of them are not available to use normally. Each partner can cast a different EX Art, so try different combinations to see what works best.

Black Barrier

Altina's EX Art

Generates a barrier that will reflect physical attacks back at their source.

Unbound Rage

Ash's EX Art

Pushes the mech's parameters past their limits, but at the cost of damaging it.

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