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Battle System IntroWelcome to the next stage of Trails' battle system,
packed to the brim with features and options!

Battlefield Updates at a Glance

The Trails series' signature AT system gives you all the info you need in battle. The bar on the left side of the screen shows the order of upcoming ally and enemy turns, so you can plan accordingly.

In addition, the UI has been overhauled to provide a streamlined, intuitive experience.

Issue Orders with the Press of a Button

Instead of navigating through a menu in battle, you can select your commands directly with one of the four directional buttons or four face buttons on the controller.

Assigning basic actions, such as attacking or moving, to specific buttons allows for much quicker and smoother battles.

Take the Fight to the Field

Now, battles takes place directly on the field map. When you encounter an enemy, you'll fight them right where you found them instead of loading in to a separate map for battle. Depending on your location, you may have to maneuver through corridors or different elevations. Be sure to use the map to your advantage.

Weapon Modes

Juna uses gunbreakers, special tonfa with guns installed. She can switch them between two different modes during battle.

Striker Mode

A close combat mode where Juna strikes foes with the tonfa part of her weapon.

In this mode, Juna has limited range and can only attack single targets, but her stats are boosted.

Gunner Mode

A mid-range combat mode where Juna opens fire with the gun part of her weapon.

In this mode, Juna can hit multiple enemies at once from a distance.

However, this mode doesn't give her the stat boost Striker Mode does, so be careful when using it against powerful enemies.

Switch Modes at Any Time

Use Gunner Mode to mow down swarms of weak enemies, and switch to Striker Mode to go toe-to-toe with bosses. Choose the best mode for the situation and claim victory!

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