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Prologue - The Way to Thors: Summary of Septian Calendar 1204, March-October. The year was 1204 of the Septian Calendar, and all across Erebonia, spring was in bloom. At the esteemed Thors Military Academy, situated on the outskirts of the Imperial capital, a new class was founded.
It would be known as Class VII and was comprised of nine promising young men and women... ...who demonstrated considerable aptitude for ARCUS, a sophisticated new type of battle orbment.
Rean Schwarzer, son of a ruling lord from the remote region of Ymir.
Alisa Reinford, daughter of the chairman of Erebonia’s largest industrial corporation.
Elliot Craig, son of a celebrated general and a kind-hearted boy who harbored dreams of becoming a musician.
Laura S. Arseid, the daughter of a renowned military family tracing its lineage back to the knights of old.
Machias Regnitz, the sin of Heimdallr’s Imperial governor.
Emma Millstein, the class’ president and the academy’s highest scorer on the entrance exam.
Jusis Albarea, son of Duke Albarea, head of one of the empire’s Four Great Houses.
Fie Claussell, a former jaeger with extraordinary strength and agility.
And Gaius Worzel, an exchange student from the land of Nord, bordering the empire to the north.
Gathered together by their homeroom teacher, Sara Valestein, they were put through a difficult trial... Some were quick to work together, others less so, but eventually, all were able to surmount the challenge they faced.
They were then asked to decide whether, knowing the difficulty of the curriculum, they still wished to be part of Class VII. Each had his or her own reasons, but each ultimately heeded the call, and that day, Thors’ newest class began.