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Chapter 6 - Progressive Chaos |  In September, Thors’ board of directors convened for their regular meeting. The three directors, each related to a member of Class VII, debated how the academy ought to be run. They ended up voting on whether Class VII would continue their field studies in light of the events at Garrelia Fortress. Prince Olivert delivered a rousing speech in favor of their continuation... ...and in the end, all three directors consented, paving the way for September’s field study to go forward.
Meanwhile, all of Thors was in the midst of preparing for the academy festival that was scheduled for the end of October... And Class VII was struggling to think of something that they could do for it with their small numbers. Eventually inspiration came to them in the form of a hint from Towa... Their contribution would be a live musical performance on stage.
The day came for their next field study to begin, and they were summoned to the academy field. Once there, they heard an unusual, surprising sound--a crimson airship hovered above them. Its name was the Courageous, and notably on board were Prince Olivert, Toval, and its captain, Viscount Arseid. It was decided that Class VII was to be taken to their field study location by airship, and everyone stepped on board.
After the Courageous was shown off to the people of Heimdallr, it flew to Roer, where Group A alighted. Roer was a large industrial city, home to the Reinford Group’s corporate HQ and Reinford family residence. Once there, they set about working through the tasks Alisa’s mother, Irina Reinford, gave them...
But later that day, they came upon a dire conflict between the provincial army and Railway Military Police. Rufus and Captain Claire’s appearance prevented things from escalating further, but it was clear that something was amiss.
That night, Alisa’s mother was forced to cancel dining with them irritating Alisa to no end. Alisa later revealed to Rean more about her family and her concerns relating to Irina’s destructive work ethic. No sooner had they finished speaking did Rean receive a call from Captain Claire, who asked if the two could meet privately at a nearby bar. He agreed, but not before escaping Fie’s notice. Rean spotted her as he left the building, and the two decided to meet Captain Claire together. The captain informed them of conflicts within the Reinford Group, as well as expressed how there was a chance the RMP could personally investigate the matter.
The next morning, along with their new field study tasks, Class VII agreed to look into the matter of the conflicts themselves.
While they were doing so, a more pressing problem arise--a fire at a military factory in town. And no sooner had that been resolved did they receive word that terrorists had occupied Sachsen Iron Mine. The provincial army sealed the mine off under the pretext of protecting the hostages from being harmed… But it was clear to all that their true aim was to stop the Railway Military Police from going inside.
While Group A pondered their options, Angelica and George arrived in the city after a long bike ride. Angelica believed her family was involved in all of this, and that she had a duty to stand up and fight. They all agreed to help her, and Alisa went to see her mother to try and find another way into the mine. Irina, seeing her daughter’s newfound determination, gave them a key card, allowing them to sneak into the mine.
They traveled through an underground passage connecting Roer and the mine and began searching for the miners. Partway through the mine, they found most of the hostages, and Crow volunteered to take them back to the surface with him. Thanks to George’s guidance, they eventually reached the central control room, where they found Vulcan. He revealed that he had once been a jaeger-- one that Fie herself knew of. They defeated him, but then the terrorist leader, C, appeared. Unlike their first bout in Heimdallr, however, Group A was finally able to best C in battle.
However, C managed to escape, and in their place rose the familiar sight of the terrorists’ black airship. At that moment, the RMP and provincial army made their way in, but they immediately began bickering amongst themselves. C’s derisive words filled the area as the airship rose upwards...and were all of a sudden replaced by the sound of a gunshot. Its engine hit, the airship exploded into a violent mess midair before their eyes.
The provincial army saw this as a vital chance to take control of the scene, but those hopes were quickly dashed when Prince Olivert intervened. He effortlessly took command and ordered a full investigation into what happened. Any and all disputes were effectively dissolved. In addition, Captain Claire and Sharon had a cryptic conversation that very same night...
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