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Chapter 5 - Signs and Omens | The heat of August beat down upon Trista, but none of Class VII’s nobles elected to return home, as was their right. So it was that all were present to greet two surprising mid-year additions to the class. The first was a familiar face: second-year student Crow Armbrust was forced to join their ranks in order to make up credits... While the second, young Millium Orion, was an operative from the Intelligence Division they had met in Nord.
Contrary to expectations, it wasn’t long before Millium fit in so well, it was as if she had always been there. The time for their next field study came, and Group A was sent to Laura’s hometown of Legram... And once they completed their field study tasks, they were instructed to meet with Group B and travel to Garrelia Fortress.
In Legram, they were reunited with Toval and helped to train several Arseid school students... Rean also had the chance to duel Laura’s father, Viscount Arseid, also widely known as the Radiant Blademaster. The viscount sensed Rean’s fear of using his hidden abilities and forced him into utilizing them anyway… And through this, he taught him the importance of accepting yourself for who you are.
The next day, the Noble Faction’s leader, Duke Cayenne, paid a surprised visit to the town. Troubled by recent developments in the faction, Viscount Arseid left Legram with Toval... And Group A was left to look after the town while completing their remaining tasks.
That night, they had to travel to a nearby castle to rescue two young children who had wandered inside its perilous corridors. Thanks to Emma’s knowledge of the occult and the timely aid of a mysterious knight, they managed to do so.
The next morning, they departed Legram as per their schedule and made their way to Celdic Station to meet with Group B. There, they saw a special train taking Chancellor Osborne and Prince Olivert to the trade conference in Crossbell. To Rean’s surprise, he saw it pass in slow motion, as he could clearly see Osborne, Olivert, and Towa on board.
The two groups reunited soon thereafter, finally making their way towards Garrelia Fortress. The fortress stood as a vast wall between Erebonia and its longtime enemy, the Calvard Republic. While also possessing two huge railway guns capable of targeting Crossbell City, which stood between the two. Upon arriving, they were shown inside by Major Neithardt, their military science instructor at the academy... And they soon met Elliot’s father, Lt. General Craig, and witnessed a military exercise. They were stunned by the overwhelming power the weaponry on display possessed... In the end, each of them left with the sinking feeling that all the combat skills they were learning at Thors were for naught.
Once they recovered from the shock of yesterday’s events, they were given a lecture by Sara and Neithardt. They were soon bombarded with the news of terrorists attacking Crossbell-- specifically, the site of the trade conference. And no sooner had they heard this did the fortress itself come under attack by out of control, unmanned tanks. This was followed by the arrival of two black airships belonging to the Imperial Liberation Front.
Amid the chaos, Class VII resolved to aid Sara and Neithardt in subduing the terrorists. They learned their aim was to activate the two railway guns and use them to attack the trade conference... ...and that by doing so, they intended to bury Chancellor Osborne--with little concern over how many innocents died with him. After a fierce battle, Group A defeated S, now known as Scarlet, one of the terrorist executives. Meanwhile, Group B defeated V, revealed to be Vulcan, and together, they were able to prevent the worst case scenario.
Regrettably, both terrorist executives were allowed to escape by the sudden arrival of an airship... And the voice of their leader, C, delivered a chilling warning of their next attack before the airship took to the skies.