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Chapter 1 - Unconventional Studies: April came, and while the students of Class VII were already grappling with their challenging coursework... ...they received a sudden announcement that they were to take part in an unusual program-- a series of ‘field studies.’ The class would be split into two groups, each sent to a different location in the empire to assist the local townships.
Group A went to the rural town of Celdic, famous for the Grand Market. Through their tasks, they gained a greater understanding of one another, and all appeared to be going well on the surface...
...but that came to a sudden halt when they discovered that two market stalls had been vandalized during the still of night. Determined to find the culprit, Group A made their way to the Lunaria Nature Park. Determined to find the culprit, Group A made their way to the Lunaria Nature Park. They found the apprehended the group of bandits responsible, but were immediately surrounded by the provincial army, who turned out to be in league with the bandits all along.
Just as the situation grew more dire by the second, the Railway Military Police, led by the notoriously brilliant Captain Claire, swiftly arrived at the scene. It was thanks to their timely intervention that the provincial army was forced to retreat, and the bandits were duly arrested for their crimes.
Their very first field study now at an end, Group A boarded the train back to Trista and reflected on the events that transpired over the course of their stay. It was then that Rean confessed to his fellow classmates that he was the adopted son of a baron--a noble. Surprising though it may have been, not a single one among them thought any less of him for it.
The evening concluded with smiles, each of them blissfully unaware of the two ominous figures who were watching their train head into the distance...