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Chapter 3 - Beyond the Railways | June heralded the beginning of Class VII’s first midterms, as well as the onset of Trista’s rainy season. In the midst of this, the Reinford family’s maid, Sharon, was appointed caretaker of Class VII’sdormitory... ...and with her came the revelation that Alisawas the daughter of the Reinford Company’schairman.
All performing to the best of their abilities, Class VII scored better in the midterms than any other class. This news didn’t go down well with the nobles of Class I, of course, and the besmirched upper class students challenged Class VII to a duel. Class VII was victorious here as well, leading to a tirade of insults from Patrick Hyarms there were only stopped by Gaius’ interference.
The time had come for Class VII to prepare for their next field study, and Group A’s latest destination was the Nord Highlands, Gaius’ homeland. The journey was exceptionally longer than anywhere they had been previously, and while briefly stopped at Roer station, they encountered Alisa’s mother, Chairman Irina. After a grueling eight-hour journey, they finally reached the Nord Highlands to the northeast.
It was plain to see how Gaius had grown up with endless patience and kindness upon meeting his family, who gave Group A a warm, warm welcome. After a night of sleep, they took off on horseback to begin working. The highlands were as vast as they were beautiful, and their time spent there was both challenging and rewarding in equal measure.
During their stay, they also happened to meet the former chairman of the Reinford Group, Gwyn Reinford--Alisa’s grandfather.
At night while gazing at the stars together, Alisa privately told Rean about the discord between her and her mother, as well about when she lost her father. Gloomy as her expression was in the beginning, she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders the longer they talked, and it was soon replaced by her usual sweet smile. ...Unfortunately, the night ended with her cheeks turning as red as their uniforms when she realized their classmates had overheard part of her and Rean’s conversation.
The next morning, they were informed that the watchtower surveying the border of the Calvard Republic had come under attack. The previously peaceful highlands suddenly became tense, with airships from both sides ominously circling the skies... And knowing that war could break out over a misunderstanding at any moment, Group A motioned to conduct their own inquiry into the true culprits responsible.
They found out just who those culprits were from an unlikely source: Millium, the strange girl accompanied by the silver puppet. It was her help that made their capture swift and decisive, although the man pulling the strings, known as ‘G,’ or ‘Gideon,’ managed to make his escape.
Thanks to both Group A and the efforts of the Intelligence Division’s Captain Lechter, war was successfully averted. Captain Lechter quickly arrived to take control of the situation and just as quickly left, taking Millium with him; it was then discovered that she was also from the Intelligence Division. Later that evening, Sara and Sharon both witnessed G and a masked man departing on a jet-black airship.
The next morning, Group A bade a sad farewell to Gaius’ family and Gwyn. Their field study was over. They left the land of Nord behind, knowing full well that the experience had been one they would never forget.