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Chapter 4 - A Midsummer's Revels | July had come, and preparations were underway for Heimdallr’s month-late celebration of the Summer Festival. At the academy, the addition of swimming lessons to the schedule put a spring into the step of Rean and his friends. However, Laura and Fie’s already-strained relationship was reaching a breaking point due to the gulf between their beliefs. A surprise visit from Elise, Rean’s younger sister, led to an argument between the adoptive siblings… ...and when Rean saw her in danger soon after, he lost control of a strange power that dwelt within him. Fortunately, Crow stepped in to help, and ultimately, no one was harmed in the incident.
The time came for the month’s field study. Unlike past studies, both groups were assigned to the same location: the Erebonian capital of Heimdallr. They worked their way through the tasks given to them by Governer Regnitz, Machias’ father... ...and a show of strength by Elliot led Laura and Fie to settle their differences through a formal duel. After the battle, Fie revealed that the jaeger corps she belonged to was among the strongest and was called ‘Zephyr.’ After opening up to one another, their uncomfortable feud seemed to be put to rest once and for all, much to Machias and Rean’s joy. The next day, a visit to Machias’ house led him to reveal some of his own past. Machias concluded his story by telling his classmates that his hate for the nobility was slowly subsiding, something everyone warmly welcomed.
Now back to work, Class VII received a series of frustrating and obtuse riddles from the famed Phantom Thief B, challenging them to find something he had delightfully stolen: the Crimson Tiara. Undaunted, they rose to the challenge, and once that had recovered the tiara, they received a call from Instructor Sara. She asked them to gather at St. Astraia Girls’ School, the school that young Elise attended.
They even met with Elise before the gates of St. Astraia, and she elegantly led them to a stunning indoor rose garden. More stunning than the rose garden, however, was the sight of the princess of Erebonia: Alfin Reise Arnor. Even Prince Olivert, Chairman of Thors’ board of directors, came to meet them.
That night, the prince informed them of the reasons that their class was put together. He explained his desire to cultivate the youth of tomorrow--those who could overcome the conflicts in the world. However, he warned that the other directors had their own idea on what they wanted from Class VII. It was for that reason they were all left pondering harder than ever about what they could, and should, do as a class. Several other strange conversations followed, such as when they found out Sara had once been a bracer, or how Rean was invited to be Alfin’s dance partner... ...and finally, they were asked for help with an important mission by Captain Claire. Specifically, they were asked to help with security for the festival, which was believed to be the target of terrorists.
The next morning, they began their patrols of the festival as requested. The parade came to an end without incident, but just as they thought they were in the clear, chaos erupted in Dreichels Plaza. Rean and friends quickly realized this was a diversion, and leaving Towa in charge, they hurried to Princess Alfin’s side.
Upon arriving, they found the garden party where she was in attendance under attack by the terrorists. The attack was led once again by G, and Princess Alfin and Elise were both taken hostage. Rean’s party pursued them beneath the city. G summoned a mighty bone dragon, and while quite the challenge, they were able to defeat it.
Though the dragon may had fallen, three more members of the terrorist group made their appearance: V, S, and their leader, C. C challenged Rean, Laura, and Fie to a duel, and his victory proved both swift and effortless. It wasn’t long before the Railway Military Police found their way into the catacombs as well, and the terrorists fled the scene, triggering an explosive in the process. As they made their escape, they finally announced their organization’s name: the Imperial Liberation Front.
The three-day long festival came to an end, and Class VII readied themselves to return to Trista. They were seen off by Princess Alfin, Elise, Governor Regnitz, and Crown Prince Cedric. But before they could leave, an unexpected man arrived to also bid them farewell.
It was the ‘Blood and Iron Chancellor,’ Giliath Osborne--the man behind driving the Bracer Guild from most of Erebonia. Disregarding that Sara was clearly not happy to see him, he gave his own encouragement to Class VII... Telling them: ‘Nurture the bonds you share, and train up bodies and wills of steel.’ As he spoke, Rean felt an aching in the left side of his chest, causing Elise to look on with concern...